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liquify-x dry fly floatant

August 14  in Vermont, temperature 72F partly sunny, river temperature 63F @ 250 CFS  perfect for dry fly fishing. Ultra freestone river  ~ 50 feet wide with many pockets and wild rainbows from 10-14 inches! Its a difficult river to navigate and precise presentation skills are needed to produce a drag free drift up to 20 feet in order to be successful. Rod used an 8'5" 3 piece James Green tactical trout series fiberglass rod, Hardy lightweight reel with a 5DT floating line. Leader: 5 foot furled leader blended with 50% silk and 50% nylon made exclusively for The Silver Trout!. The leader is treated with UBF Universal paste and the leader floats all day! Tippet Umpqua 5X monofilament.  The fly used for the study a size 14 Parachute Caddis pattern with Liquify-X rubbed into the hackle fibers and the thread body. 


How many fish can I hook up with using  only one single fly and Liquify-X floatant? Can I catch at least 10 fish on a single fly?


It was an epic day and I fished about 5 hours with one short break to eat a snack. I successfully hooked into ~ 20 rainbow trout from 10-14 inches using only one fly! Photos above illustrates the fly used and fish caught. Liquify-X blocks fish slime from getting into the hackle fibers and thread body. A simple wipe of the fly with a cloth removes slime and a small amount of floatant reapplied  kept the fly floating high after landing > 10 trout! I covered a lot of water with very little down time. Please contact me if you would like more information!