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About Us

Hi, my name is Stuart Hayden and I am a chemist and a lifelong fly fisherman, mainly for trout. I wanted to develop premium fly fishing accessories that my fellow fly fishers can enjoy and use as the most efficient in terms of utility and highest quality  products made.

At my shop in Vermont, I spent over 3 years of research and development to create products that many consider are the best on the market today.

The Silver Trout logo is named Eeko and is an abstract form of the actual silver trout that perished in the 1930’s. I pay homage to the extinct species with the name of the company!

 How The Silver Trout LLC originated:

About 6 years ago I was trying to find a good dry fly floatant that would maintain a gel consistency and float flies higher and longer at elevated outside  temperatures. Not one floatant on the market worked to my satisfaction! I vowed someday to produce a supreme floatant that works without silicone oils and is safe for the environment.

· 2015 started literature searching and surmising formulations to generate a floatant without silicone oils.

· 2016 we started field testing initial formulations with great success. Samples sent to top fly fishermen: Glenn Brackett, Mark Canfield, Dennis Franke, Rick Robbins to name a few, they tested my UBF floatants to the limit.

· 2017 Refined formulation of UBF floatants to produce gels / pastes that maintain a gel/paste texture at varied temperature conditions.

· 2018 launched UBF floatant systems for sale at The Silver Trout LLC

Stuart  Hayden Biography

Education: M.S. Chemistry Seton Hall University 1998

Experience: Over 25 years in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, flavors and lubricant industry as a synthetic organic chemist.

Papers/ Patents:  10 scientific articles, 14 patent applications, 6 patents

Guarantee: I guarantee that all of my products will function to the highest standards. If dissatisfied a full refund will  be sent to your  paypal account.

Thank you for your interest,

Stu Hayden

Chief Chemist Owner

The Silver Trout LLC


Research horizons

 Penentrometer used to measure the waxes physical properties.

All Natural Dry Fly Desiccant Powder


Quite a few  anglers have asked me about powder form dry fly floatants. Since existing powders use silica gel as a drying aide I thought it is important to find a all natural dry fly powder that can simply be thrown in the trash when the absorbent is saturated  and needs to be replaced. On paper I have several ideas and I am in the process of ordering materials to develop a unique 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment powder as a dry fly aide. Stay tuned!

Loop Lok


Loop Lok Technology.  I had this idea for awhile to create a putty that can be applied to leader and fly line loops to create a singular energy transition of line and leader to the fly. Loops can create a disruption of smooth energy transfer if the loops have some movement detrimental to energy transition needed to turn over flies. Loop Lok will be a putty that will lock loops in place. Also the putty will have flexible properties to create a harmonious energy transition from line into the leader. The putty will be 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Zero Ice for guides and Ultra Sink It ( USI) Wetting Agent


At the Fly Fishing Show last year I was asked to make a deicing agent for guides for fly fishing in the winter! I am currently working on a paste that will inhibit icing on the guides. Also I am developing a new wetting agent that will sink wet flies into the water column faster and is 100% biodegradable and completely safe for the fish and the environment.

Comments/ Interest

If my customers are interested in my research efforts and would like to give feedback please contact me by email! Any Information or thoughts are welcome.