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UBF floatant systems By Dennis Franke

Dennis Franke master fly rod builder and fisherman.


Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017, 2:57 PM

Dear Mr. Stuart Hayden,

 Up until receiving samples of both your Silver Trout Ultra Buoy Gel Floatant and Paste Floatant (UBF) I was using Tiemco’s 16-bucks-a-shot “Dry Magic” (so-called, Super Power Fly Floatant). Previously I have used many floatants, including Loon Aquel, Gehrke’s Gink, and Umpqua Bug Butter.  I have found the Silver Trout’s UBF Floatants, both the gel and paste versions (I prefer the gel) to float flies just as well, if not better,than Tiemco’s expensive Dry Magic. It offers minimal recoating following catching a trout and the fly getting a good dunking underwater. Using a desiccant to then dry the fly and patting it between a folded kleenex tissue, the dry fly treated with UBF seems to be good for at least two more trout dunckings. That’s pretty good! All that a trout angler could ask for in a fly floatant, really. Plus Silver Trout’s UBF has a couple added features. 1) UBF has a smooth, non-greasy feel when on finger and thumb prior to treating the fly, with sort-of a soft, non-oily, non-shiny matte finish to it. This I believe facilitating the next feature. 2) When rubbed into the fly, say dubbing and hackle, UBF does NOT discolor the fly. It sort-of just disappears into the fly! A simply great feature for maintaining the original colors of the chosen fly pattern. These are two superior benefits that UBF has over so-called Dry-Magic and any other fly floatant I have ever used. And since Silver Trout’s UBF Floatant is a non-silicone product, it is not harmful to the fly line’s coating and finish. So, it can be used on both the fly line tip, and also the leader butt, to keep them floating high and dry - serving to facilitate better dry-fly floats and also a better indicator-effect when fishing soft-hackles and nymphs. (Best applied after the fly line and leader have been wiped off to clean and dried  with a folded tissue paper). For use on modern, high-tech, expensive fly lines, this makes UBF Floatant unique in the industry, in my experience. (And I have been trout fishing since 1966. Plus I live on, have my rod shop (Dennis Franke’s Liteline Graphite Flyrods) on a well-known spring-creek in southern Wisconsin, and fish just about every other day of our 10 month trout season here in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, home to over 1,000 miles of spring-creek trout streams.)  Based upon these many years of experience as a fly fisher, fly tackle retailer, flyrod designer and maker, I highly endorse Stuart Hayden’s Silver Trout Ultra Buoy Floatants.  


 DENNIS FRANKE - liteline graphite

 flyrods4765 County Road

 KPCross Plains, WI 53528



Dennis Franke FerruLube


Dear Silver Trout,

Living on a spring-creek trout stream (Black Earth Creek) in trout country (Wisconsin’s Driftless Region), I fish just about every other day of our 10 month long trout season. And with being a fly rod designer and rodmaker, I have myself invested pretty completely in a trouting life style. So I approach the fly fishing sport with a high level of respect and seriousness in my pursuit of “fun with trout”, to use a neat phrase from the Pennsylvania writer of the 1950’s, Fred Everett.  And therefore, I’m pretty discerning in my choice of fly tackle, flies, lines and leaders, and other terminal gear - like fly and leader floatant and being a rodmaker, particularly a fly rod ferrule lubricant. 

Silver Trout FerruLube. 

As a designer and maker of graphite fly rods (with a past history of doing the same with fiberglass), I have always searched for but unfortunately had never found, a ferrule lubricant that would do 3 important functions: 

1) allow for good positive, non-slip seating of the ferrule, 

2) facilitate aligning of the butt and tip guide during assembly

3) eliminate wear-and-tear on the of the male slide and it’s coating

Over many years, I have tried various lubricants for lubricating fishing rod ferrules: Bee’s wax, paraffin wax, various hand and bath soaps, Docter Bronners Liquid Soap, Dupont Teflon multi-use lubricant, 3-In-One White Lithium Grease (WD40 mfg.), and a um-teen others. Simply said, all of these are mere junk. These all collect debris, hardly facilitate rod section assembly, and never keep rod sections aligned. 

Now the problem of proper ferrule lubrication is finally solved. Because there’s a lubricant specifically designed for flyrod ferrules, actually for all fishing rod ferrules - Silver Trout's FerruLube, designed and manufactured by Stuart Hayden. 

FerruLube is specifically designed for the job of lubricating fishing rod ferrules, both graphite and nickel silver. Here for once is a proper lubricant for all fishing rod ferrules - fiberglass, graphite, nickel silver

For the graphite flyrods I manufacture, FerruLube allows for the best deep-seating of the graphite male slide with just enough “give” to also allow for the critical twisting into alignment of the guides of the rod sections while the sections are pulled into place (a proper procedure for fiberglass and graphite ferrule, not new nickel silver ferrule components). Plus, the very fine film of lubricant needed will completely reduce the wear and tear on the coating finish on the male slide of the tip-sleeve-over ferrule I use on my Dennis Franke Liteline Flyrods. For my tip-over-butt type ferrules, I consider this a real positive cosmetic advantage for the sale of my flyrods.

For the somewhat worn ferrules on two of my split-bamboo flyrods, FerruLube “fills the gap” so to say, allowing these ferrules to seat snugly - almost like new! - with very minimal tip twisting and shifting of the guides out of alignment during a day’s angling (FerruLube allows for actual smooth twisting of worn nickel silver ferrules back into alignment when sections are assembled). 

For well-fitting or new, tight-fitting nickel silver ferrules, FerruLube greatly eases the straight, non-twisting assembly of these ferrules when after finger application all lubricant except the thinnest, barely visible, minuscule amount remains. FerruLube finally solves the tough job of assembling very tight (too tight) fitting nickel silver ferrules (when using the very thinnest film application). 

Plus, Silver Trout FerruLube can be used to clean the grit and remove the oxidation that frequently builds on nickel silver ferrules; making future assembly easier, and thereby helping to eliminate the dreaded “ferrule-lock” that sometimes prevents the removing of cane rod sections.  

When on the market and available, I intend to include a free Silver Trout FerruLube “Frog" along with every flyrod I sell. Thank You, Chemist  Stu Hayden, for finally solving a serious problem that has worried and bothered the makers for fiberglass, graphite, and bamboo flyrods for decades.   

Silver Trout UBF Floatant Gel. Review to follow.


DENNIS FRANKE - liteline graphite flyrods

4765 County Road KP

Cross Plains, WI 53528

Sweetgrass Rods Glenn Brackett FerruLube


everyone needs one!
Created by Stu Hayden

 by Glenn Brackett
Once in a great while, a new fly fishing product comes along that deserves recognition. Stu Hayden, the creator of this wonderful new product, has a long association with the bamboo rod community.  He is seriously invested in many bamboo rod makers including myself.  I have made rods for him over the years and recently made an octi  (8-sided) rod.  When he recently introduced his FerruLube product I was skeptical. After a season of using it, I began to realize it had a broad range of uses on loose ferrule fits of all types of rods.  I have used it on my personal rods     with glass and graphite ferrules as well as nickel silver and aluminum    bronze ferrules used on bamboo rods.  The results are spectacular.  It has helped to put rods back into action without ferrule replacement or resizing.  This has been a great savings in my rod repair work both in time and  expense.  The formulation of Stu’s (he is a chemist by profession)  product is well thought out and    works beyond my expectations.  The days of using chap stick, bee’s wax, paraffin, nose grease and various other crazy lube produces have     finally passed into the history book. Every rod we produce including     repairs is accompanied by a “ferrule critter" and Christine calls them.  Defying their small size, they will last years. You will want one in every fly box and several in your pockets to pass to friends. His logo “The Silver Trout” is a tribute to an extinct race of trout that once occurred on the East coast.  Stu’s many other fly fishing     products reflect many years of thought and experience that we can all relate to.   Amen, hallelujah, god bless you Stu. customer testimonials premium accessories

Per Brandin FerruLube


Per Brandin FerruLube:

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On Aug 16, 2018, at 4:25 PM, Per Brandin <per2@comcast.net> wrote:


Just a note from northern B.C. where Jean and I are camping & fishing. I’ve been using your ferrule wax more regularly and have to say it is fabulous; the best wax for the purpose I’ve ever used.



Marvel Wax

By: Mark Canfield  Life-long Rod Builder & Fly Tier 


Stu -

  I've found several good characteristics in your new Marvel Wax, some almost surprisingly good, so I thought it best to note a few to you since there are so many alternative products out there which seem to have a favorable 'this', while coming with an unfavorable 'that' about them.

  First (and likely most important), the 'Tack' of the wax is just right. From the heavier demands of spinning deer hair or dubbing some of the thicker, tougher, flat and shiny synthetics for Saltwater, Bass, Salmon and Steelhead patterns … to the ultra-fine threads and thin wispy dubbing touches on a small mayfly or tiny micro-caddis… the combination of this wax's overall hardness - its size, shape and form - then this Goldilocks 'just right' amount of Tack helps to make the variety of these patterns  and their incorporated materials far easier to handle, all in one. (I used to need both a Tacky-plus wax and then something not-quite-so near the vise all the time to get all the bases covered, but the uneven amount of the Tacky-types would pile on the thread most unevenly - always very temperature and pressure dependent of the moment - and then the smoother/harder types weren't versatile throughout the broad range of thread sizes/diameters we have today, especially with the more micro-filamentous threads which act like a skinny-floss and aren't as dubbing-durable as I'd like.)

  After doing this for nearly 50 years now, you get used to making-do with what's out there, with re-constructing the various and historical  formulae of the past (every serious tier should find and hand-make the original Jim Leisenring formula some time, just for the lesson and experience of it… for example :), or sometimes even blending together one's own thoughts about what might work well. If you have that Fly Tying Character in you, that's not such a crazy aspect of the process when you think about some of the really out-there things that we all probably try, at one time or another.

  But we live in an age of amazing advancements in paraffin technologies (synthetics, micro-crystallines, polymers, etc.) and some of these things can be combined for wonderful results in performance, whether it is for circuit boards in Space, skis racing through an Olympic Downhill, or seemingly self-lubricating mechanical surface coatings that maintain their integrity throughout a 200-degree F. temperature range. With all of this at our disposal, isn't it about time somebody combined a wee bit of that into a better Dubbing/Tying wax ?

   Aside from the element of Tack, you might also find that this stuff actually functions as a light form of Lube (since its design makes it so easy to apply under even light-app pressure), something useful through every other step of our tying when we're not dubbing along… and I'm not implying 'slippery' - because the light grip of that Tack is always there - but instead, more like a nearly invisible coating which helps those micro-filament/floss-like threads stay intact, full-strength (which gets awfully important when we're working with 8/0 or finer stuff !) and especially nice when we get to the end of the job and are half-hitching and whip-finishing the head off. You'll know exactly what I mean, right about then !

  Also a plus (and unlike most products out there), this wax seems to maintain its 'feel' / firmness across a wide range of temperatures, something that is a decades-long bugaboo with other tying waxes. (We've all probably had the tackier stuff get downright argh !  to work with in the heat - goops-up all over the thread - then, when it's in the relegated basement dungeon for keeping your 'fly tying habit'  out of sight from the Guests and the room temp. may only be in the 50's, that same tackiness may be so tough that you can barely get your thread coated through it without breaking off. Old-Tech paraffins, those are. )

  Sometimes, things simply improve. Your wax is a nice change and I'm happy to be able to purchase it.


  M. Canfield 

Per Brandin Marvel Wax


Per Brandin email 5-17-19  Marvel Wax


How goes it? 

I now send out one of your ferrule waxes each time a rod goes out the door and I have added a recommendation to my ‘Care of Bamboo Rods’ printout which also accompanies each rod. Also have been using your sticky fly tying wax and love it; I now put the ‘Overton’s Wonder Wax’ aside in favor of your wax. 

Nice job; I hope you are doing well,